CEIP Maestro Camilo Hernández, de Coria (CH on the air… Radio!)


It’s almost Easter Holidays and our school celebrates its Cultural Week: A school full of tales. This programme is full of stories, songs and riddles and all the pupils have colaborated. Have you heard about Little Yellow Ridding Hood?… Can you guess the story just listening to its soundtrack?… Which

8th of March: Women’s Day!

«These are the women we admire«, is an activity that our students developed as a tribute to women near us. Let’s take action for equality, and celebrate social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Happy 8th of March!

Fashion, Pets, Coria and… CARNIVAL!!!

Here we have an amazing programme ready to be listened to!!! Students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th grade talk about our town Coria, pets they have, fashion and of course, about CARNIVAL! (5 year old Kids also collaborate singing «Twinkle twinkle little star».) Do you want to share


In Camilo Hernández School we really like celebrating Book Day! All levels have participated in reading poems, riddles and tongue twisters… we even have a bit of Spanish in this programme, ;)! Can you find out all the riddles solutions? Fancy repeating the poems or twisters? Have fun!

Animals, music, a bit of mystery and… much more!

Here we have our latest radio programme, and we feel very excited… so many things to tell! First of all, primary 4th speaks about Coria: there is, there are… what do you know about it? We’ll also learn a bit about the FAMILY MEMBERS with our students in 1st grade,

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