‘When quoting others, we cite ourselves’ – Julio Cortázar

Quotes inspire us. Well-rounded thoughts by people we admire become inspirational quotes. On this occasion, 2nd-year students of Graphic Design, Andrea, Marta and Joaquín have chosen and explained three Graphic Design-related quotes.

Design must seduce, shape, and more importantly, evoke an emotional response.”– April Greiman.

Andrea Hernández Torrescusa

“I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”– Saul Bass

Marta López Sántos

Helvetica is the font of the Vietnam War.”_ Paula Scher.

Joaquín Durán Pérez

Locutora1Andrea Hernández Torrescusa
Locutora 2Marta López Santos
Locutor 3Joaquín Durán Pérez
Control técnicoMaría Jesús Bazaga Conde

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