3rd year CSE Bilingual Section disguised with scary costumes and masks.

Every year on 31st October, we celebrate Hallowe’en, the night of All Hallows, when spirits return to earth to remind us of our sinister end. Kids all around the globe enjoy costume parties, trick or treating, and going from home to home asking for candy.

This year, 1st, 3rd and 4th year CSE students create this radio podcast to observe Hallowe’en at school.

1st year CSE Group B disguised as monsters.
1st year CSE creating an angry black cat origami puppet for Halloween. With this task, they’ve learnt to follow instructions in English.
1st year CSE Creative Writing using the Roll & Draw chart to imagine a monster.
4th year CSE Group A disguised as Peaky Blinders

Let’s listen to this hilarious podcast. Thanks for joining us.

PARTICIPANT STUDENTS1st year CSE Group B, 3rd year CSE Bilingual Section and 4th year CSE Group A
TEACHER IN CHARGEMaría del Puerto Tovar Camacho
SUBJECTEnglish Language
SECTIONPedagogic Activities
MUSICHalloween, Spooky, Horror, Scary, Creepy, Funny, Monsters and Zombie
(SoundGallery By Dmitry Taras)


RadioComunicarte, la radio del I.E.S. Parque de Monfragüe

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