Radio Educativa de la Consejería de Educación y Empleo de la Junta de Extremadura

Animals, music, a bit of mystery and… much more!

Here we have our latest radio programme, and we feel very excited… so many things to tell!

First of all, primary 4th speaks about Coria: there is, there are… what do you know about it?

We’ll also learn a bit about the FAMILY MEMBERS with our students in 1st grade, and Kids in primary 3rd year are talking about sports and food, let’s join them!

Thank you to the 2nd grade class for sharing the CARNIVAL SONGS we can hear in both recordings, they are fantastic!

(You can listen to the two whole songs on the links at the bottom.)

Children in 5th grade share with us ANIMALS DESCRIPTIONS. They want to recommend dedicate some of their FAVOURITE SONGS to family and friends.

Finally, class 6th C, recommend us reading ERIK VOGLER BOOKS, by the writer Beatriz Osés; 6th A and B students take part in an entertaining contest: WONDERS OF THE WORLD.

Hope you enjoy the programme, thanks for listening!!!

February programme.
I love Costumes song, by 2nd grade kids.
Mardi Gras Parade. Children in Primary 2nd year.