🎃 Get ready for a spine-tingling story in our brand-new Halloween special podcast, «The Monster’s Haunted House»! 🕸️

What makes this podcast even more special is that it’s created by the talented students of Year 2 from the bilingual section! We hope you enjoy it and that it adds some extra chills to your Halloween season!!!

HEY TEACHERS! Feel free to use this podcast into your classroom as a fun and engaging listening task. You can download de PDF with the podcast script here.

The incredible podcast crew who have poured their voices, art, and souls into this podcast for your enjoyment:

Leonor Carmona Ruiz, Juan Chamizo Ortiz, Carla García Pérez, Víctor López de Silva Tapia, Rubén Morcillo Hidalgo, Ana Moreno Núñez, Blanca Moreno Parejo, Xavier Morillo Molina, Celia Ortega Gallego, África Pesado García, Iker Ramos Cabrera, Melita Rodríguez Chacón, Radoslav Vladov Vladov.

With their dear teacher María José Tapia coordinating and directing their efforts

and the technical assistance of María Barbado.

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