Unesco organised the first ever World Book Day on 23 April 1995. Two years later, people in the UK and Ireland got their first official World Book Day.

Why are there two different World Book Days?

In the UK, we celebrate World Book Day on the first Thursday in March. This is because the official date for it – 23 April – usually falls during the Easter Holidays for most UK schools.

By celebrating in March, you get to have a special day at school to find new books, talk about reading, and dress up as your favourite characters from the books you read.

Why is World Book Day celebrated?

World Book Day was created to celebrate books and reading. In the UK, the focus is on encouraging children and young people to read for pleasure.

The aim is for children to be able to get together and share a love of reading.

This year, the World Book Day charity is asking people to «Read Your Way». This basically means find any way that you can to read.

Some suggestions are taking books home from school to read, listen to books being read aloud – by family or through an audiobook, choosing books that interest you, and making time to read.

The charity also recommends you ask other people you know for books they might recommend. 

What is happening on World Book Day?

There are special live events and online events throughout the day including draw-alongs and quizzes.

Schools celebrate World Book Day in different ways, some might have a storyteller visit, others might hold craft sessions so pupils can create their favourite characters from a book.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate is dressing up as a favourite character from a book.

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