Bilingualsanfer release today the first show of this season in collaboration with SF Radio. Our Bilingual programme, set in 2013, has been publishing podcasts since its foundation, helping students to improve their English skills.

This time, our rookies, 1st Year students, bring us songs of their choice. They chose whether to say their lines or sing them.

The Voicemail Box Show aims to give our students a space to express and share their feelings. This programme allows our Music students to show the rest of the class and the community both their taste in music and their abilities behind the mic.

This programme stars twelve of 1st Year A/C Music Bilingual class listed in the image below. Next week, we will publish Part Two of the sow, featuring the rest of students in the class.

Congratulations to all of them for their drive and engagement and for sharing with us their skills. Special thanks also to their English teachers, Mónica Rodríguez and Mª José Arias for their undertanding and collaboration.

The Voicemail Box artists in order of appearance.