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Can you imagine the story behind some of the most famous paintings in the world? Bilingual 3rd Year of ESO is going to tell you stories that they have made up based on those paintings: Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear by Vincent Van Gogh, Witches’ Sabbath by Francisco De Goya, Swimmers Javea by Joaquín Sorolla and Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer.  Don’t miss out!

Locutores: David, Alba, Yadira, Pablo, Victoria, Irene, Miriam and Hugo.

Música: Memories

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Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the story behind the painting in Picota Radio. We are bilingual 3rd Year ESO. We are going to talk about stories that we have made up based on famous paintings. The first story is written by Pablo and Hugo.

Let’s start with a vengeful story based on the SELF-PORTRAIT WITH BANDAGED EAR, BY VINCENT VAN GOGH.

Yesterday, Kevin was in his house when the doorbell rang .It was his friend, Eidan,who was very furious because he knew his girlfriend had kissed Kevin.

They had an argument and, then, Eidan took a knife and cut Kevin’s ear. 

Later, Kevin called his cousin Manuel because he had a very big wound.They went to the hospital, where a nurse healed the damaged ear and bandaged the wound.

Finally, Kevin recovered and Eidan was sorry but they weren’t friends again.

What a dramatic story! Now, we continue with this terrifying story written by Yadira and Irene and based on the painting WITCHES’ SABBATH, BY FRANCISCO DE GOYA.

Legend says that on a dark night in 1798, there was an evil goat with the devil inside in the Sahara Desert. In those times witches were free. So, they went to the town and they kidnapped the children at night while they were sleeping.

The witches took them to a cave. When they were there, the women gave them a brew to sleep. Once the children were sleeping, they cooked their bodies. After that, the witches hung them on a stick with a string. Then, the women gave them to the goat.

The demon ate the bodies and he got stronger, because he only ate their flesh and left the bones. He needed to build his strength to fight against God.

WOW, IT IS REALLY SCARY!! Now Alba and David are telling a romantic story based on SWIMMERS,JAVEA BY JOAQUIN SOROLLA.

Once upon a time, there were 4 children in a lake called Infant. The children’s names were: Helen, Jack, Susy and Simon. All the children were friends. Over time, they grew up and Helen and Jack fell in love.

They met in the lake every day to be together. Jack loved fishing and Helen liked watching him while he was fishing. Susy and Simon went to the lake too, but they preferred to be alone because they hated love. They had rage because their friends didn’t spend time with them, so they told Helen’s parents that she had a boyfriend.

Later, Helen’s parents went to the lake and they saw Helen and Jack. The father saw them when Jack was kissing Helen. Then, he ran towards the lake to try to drown Jack. However, he didn’t succeed. As a consequence, Helen and her father had an argument and Helen moved to Jack’s house.

They continued with their relationship, but the father missed Helen and he sent a letter to his daughter. In the letter, he apologized and he accepted the relationship. Finally, Helen forgave her father and they all lived happily ever after.

Finally, Miriam and Victoria are telling an action story based on GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING, BY JOHANNES VERMEER.

Once upon a time in 1665, a 23-year-old Iranian girl named Jenna wanted to study but she couldn’t because women couldn’t study in her country. It didn’t seem right to her because she wanted to be a teacher so that children didn’t suffer the discrimination that she faced every day.

She decided to follow her dreams, so she started a protest demanding women’s rights.

On the 8th of March 1666, the protest was supported by many people. When the police saw this, they were very angry and started to beat the protesters to stop them.

But Jenna didn’t stop. Then police put her in jail to stop the protest.

However, the protesters didn’t like what the police did, so they continued their actions to get her released from jail. A week later, they had to set her free. On March 31st  in the afternoon the protester had a meeting with the president of Iran and he decided to allow women to study. Finally, Jenna could study and she fulfilled her dreams.

That’s the end. We hope you like the programme. What was your favorite story and why? Leave us your comments. See you in the next programme.