Radio educativa del IES San Fernando. Badajoz.


Our bilingual students of 3rd ESO, have recorded different interviews with famous scientists, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and others,… 
After looking for the information about their lives and their research, the students have done a fictitious interview asking them about the most relevant aspects of their contributions to science.

Learning from the past is necessary to understand the present.

There is only one track, but you can skip to find the author listed below.

  • 00’00»: Jane Goodall by Alba Mateos and Rocío Iglesias.
  • 03’00’: Leonardo da Vinci by Marta Parejo, Ana Pulido and Marta Carnerero.
  • 05’20»: Albert Einstein by Alba López and Alba García.
  • 08’14»: Marie Curie by Laura Utrero and Inés Luengo.
  • 10’03»: Alexander Maxwell by Aleberto Salgado and Raúl Méndez.
  • 12’36»: Albert Einstein (II) by Paula Mateo and Andrea Carrizo.
  • 15’15»: Ernest Rutherford by Aurora Nogales and Andrea García.
  • 16’44»: Niels Bohr by Carmen Rodríguez and Alejandro Bocho.
  • 18’44»: Joseph John Thompson by Beatriz Herranz and Leire de Andrés.
  • 21’10»: Rosalind Franklin by Ana Martín and Alba Picón.
  • 22’54»: Paul Berg by Francisco Javier Peces and Mauro Corchado.
  • 24’23»: Isaac Newton by Carlota Márquez and Athenea García.
  • 26’26»: Ernest Rutherford (II) by Alba Mateos and Rocío Iglesias.