#YoMeQuedoEnCasa, My daily routine in confinement

Fuente: Pixabay

Esta actividad que os presentamos hoy se ha mandado a los alumnos de 2ºESO Bilingüe desde la asignatura Geografía e Historia, con su profesora Sara.

«The topic is: My daily routine in confinement. You are going to describe your daily routine these days: what is your timetable; what do you do , what are your difficulties with the virtual lessons, how do you feel, what did you learn, etc. You should speak for three minutes minimun. First write your speaking and then record it with your mobile phone. You can record a video or you can record an audio. When you finish you’ll share it with me.»

Celia Romano Mangut
Daniela Arjona Izquierdo
David Roldán Paredes
Ediley Urdaneta Díaz
Eva Cantero Abad
Inés Gómez Gómez
Paula García Ibañez
Rosa García Olaya
Sergio Moreno Chavero
Sergio Sánchez Izquierdo
Sonia Fernández Redondo