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This week, Francisco Nogales Canchales is going to explain the uneven economic development between conuntries and its solution, Fair Trade.

Imagen de Beat Roth en Pixabay

Economic development improves living standards, reduces poverty, expands the range of economic and social choices. As an economy develops, the economic welfare of its population increases. The basic-life products increase. But why aren’t all the countries the same developed? Why is there a difference between rich and poor countries? Are we guilty for that? 

The government must take part in their own development however, we might do something. Now, it is when Fair Trade takes part. Did you know it? Francisco is going to explicate what it is. 

Fair Trade is a NGO that help no developed country producers to trade in the right conditions. Its key aims are:

– Prices that aim to cover the average costs of producing their crop sustainably – a vital safety net when market prices drop.

-Decent working conditions and a ban on discrimination, forced labour and child labour.

-Access to advance credit ahead of harvest time.

So a product with the FAIRTRADE Mark means the producers and businesses have met the stringent Fair Trade social, economic and environmental standards.

The three most important products of the fair trade are bananas, cocoa and coffee, but there are more…If you want to join this market, here is the link to the Spanish shops. https://comerciojusto.org/tiendas/.

Maybe, a present for this Christmas?

  • Narración:Francisco Nogales Canchales
  • Edición: Silvia Falero Carrasco