4th year CSE Bilingual section have recorded a song to pay homage to La Palma, the inhabitants, the island and the lives taken during the eruption of the volcano.

The process started in the English class. The students wrote the whole lyrics following the famous «Lose Yourself» by Eminem. Afterwards, the teachers post produced the song, adding the music and placing the lines into the correct order to create the message they wanted to transmit.

It was not an easy road, but here you have the result. This is a present to our classmates in La Palma, to all their families and relatives, to cheer them up for this season coming.

The rap is entitled ‘NEVER GIVE UP’

We hope you enjoy the song.

Special thanks to Ashley, our English language assistant.

Happy Xmas.

Students performing the rap.

PARTICIPANT STUDENTS4th year CSE Bilingual Section
TEACHERS IN CHARGENoelia Hernández Hernández and María del Puerto Tovar Camacho
SUBJECTEnglish Language
LYRICS SUPERVISORMaría del Puerto Tovar Camacho (Teacher of English Language)
MUSIC SUPERVISORNoelia Hernández Hernández (Music Teacher)
EDITOR Noelia Hernández Hernández and María del Puerto Tovar Camacho
MUSICLose Yourself by Eminem (Basic and Easy Tutorial)