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International Day for Tolerance, 16th November

Respect: give it to get it!

«The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse» by Charlie Mackesy

16th November 2021

Some C1.1 A students express their views on tolerance. Thanks to Agnieszka, Aleix, Ana, Carmen, Guadalupe, Noelia, Isabel, Jorge, Icíar, Miguel, Susana and Lucía.

Songs: «One love» by Bob Marley and «Where is the love?» by Black Eyed Peas.

Some C1.2 students (Groups A and B) tell us what tolerance means for them. Thanks to Belén, Laura, Miguel Ángel, Juan, Juana, Montse, Sandra, Luis, Manuel, Eva, Sergio, Javier and Miriam. At the beginning of the programme we can hear part of the speech «I have a dream» by Martin Luther King. Song: «Where is the love?» by Black Eyed Peas.