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C2 Culture Club

2021-2022 Culture Club

We start the year with some great reading recommendations: fiction, non-fiction & poetry. Thanks to both Groups B and C for taking part. An extra special thanks to Cynthia, Antonio & Ramón for presenting the podcasts.

2021-2022 C2 Group B podcast 1 – book recommendations.
2021-2022 C2 Group C podcast 1 – fiction, non-fiction & poetry recommendations

Culture Club 2020-2021

2020-2021 Episode 2 now available. Podcast recommendations.

C2 students were asked to recommend some podcasts, in Spanish or English. Have a listen to hear some great ideas.

Episode 2: Culture Club…talking about podcasts

Thanks to: Antonio, Sara, Marta P, María F, María J & Cristina for their great ideas.

Songs: Bastille «Survivin»; Paul Weller «Cosmic Findings»; Gnarls Barkely «Crazy» & Jamie Cullum «Don’t stop the music» (Rihanna).

Listen to the first episode of Culture Club to hear some great recommendations of TV shows to watch.

2020-2021 Episode 1 TV recommendations.

Thanks to: Madiha, Cristina, Antonio, Fernando, María F, María J, Gabriela & Sara for their contributions.