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Halloween Drama 2022: «Evil’s Party»

Con motivo de la celebración de Halloween 2022, un grupo de alumnos y de alumnas de la Sección Bilingüe han dramatizado una obra de teatro en inglés de terror. Esta obra fue representada varias veces para que todos el alumnado del centro pudiera disfrutar del inglés de una forma especial en esta celebración. Los actores y actrices iban caracterizados y maquillados con todos los detalles para que la obra fuer comprendida lo mejor posible por el público. Este trabajo ha supuesto mucho esfuerzo durante varias semanas de ensayos. El resultado ha sido un éxito y por eso queremos compartirlo con nuestros oyentes en formato podcast. Deseamos que os guste.

Profesores coordinadores: Noelia Trigoso, Víctor Serrano.

Profesor colaborador: Ángel Villares (grabación y edición)

Alumnado participante: Sección Bilingüe (Ciclos formativos, ESO)

Fecha: 28/10/2022

Puedes escuchar este podcast y leer el guión íntegro en inglés.

Scene 1
Michael Myers (Ruben) shows up with a bloodstained knife after a
long night of stabbing people.

Michael Myers:
Ufff i’m exhausted
(wiping sweat from forehead)
All night nailing and nailing
(making the gesture)

How hard is the life of the murderer, I need a

(he sits).

At that moment a raven (Beatriz) appears (it makes noise) that
delivers a letter to him.

Michael Myers
Oh, what is this?

(He opens the letter and begins to read it

“Dear Mister Michael”
(Looking at the audience)
Oh I like the sound of that.
(Continue reading)

You have been invited to the great party of
evils that will take place next Thursday as a
reward for so many years of doing evils.

(turns to the audience)
It was time they appreciated my work.
Anyway, I’ll go, I haven’t seen my friends for

a long time.

Scene 2
Michael Myers appears ringing the bell of the castle. The door
opens and the sinister butler appears.
Butler (Laura):

(Sinister and very serious voice)
Good evening sir, may I have the invitation?

Michael Myers:
Yes, of course.
(Reads the invitation)
Excellent, you can come in.
Michael Myers

Thank you, and smile a little, you are always

very serious

(He pats her face and goes inside almost

pushing the butler).

Scene 3
There is music and all the characters are dancing and talking to
each other.

Harley quin (Naiara):
(Glad to see Michael Myers)

Hi Michael, long time I don ́t see you, how’s

Michael Myers:

Hey Harley, I thought the party was for real
killers…I don’t know what you’re up to here.

At that moment Chuki(Lucas) and his wife Tiffany

Michael Myers:
Hey what’s up little fiends.

(Michael shakes his hand and when they are
going to give it to them he takes it away)
Oh, nice knife, let me see it.

(Michael takes the knife and he doesn ́t return


Ei it is not funny! Return it to us Michael!


Yeah! We need it to kill someone tonight.
(They get the knife back and they give Michael

the finger)

Michael smile and he approaches the vampire (Marta) and the
mummy (Pamela) who are talking and interrupts them.

Michael Myers:

Oh my good vampire lord, you look pale, you

should go out more often.


Be careful with me Michael, don’t piss me off.

How long Michael.

(Talking in another direction because she can’t

How are you?
Michael Myers:

Better than you from what I see, I’ll get you
this, I need to clean my mouth.
(He removes paper from her costume and clean

his mouth).

At that moment the music stops and Maleficent appears and begins
to speak

Maleficent (Isabel):

Goodnight. First of all thank you for coming,
I hope you are having a good night creatures

from hell.
Michael Myers
Yeeeah! Rock And Roll.
(starts to get pissed off)

… well, I just wanted to tell you that you are
the bloodiest beasts and murderers in the world

and that is why you are here.
Michael Myers:

And then why do you invite the dwarfs?

(Addressing Chukies)
(Already pissed off)
I hope you have a nice night and…

Michael Myers:

Enough of talking! And more party!
(Turn on the music)

Maleficent despairs and leaves. The party continues and the
Joker and the skeleton come to talk to him.
Scene 4
Niñas del resplandor (Alazne y Claudia) ring the bell and butler
opens the door.


We are angry!! Why did you not invite to us?

Sorry but…

Don’t worry stupid, let me do.
(Michael pats his face again and Butler the

butler leaves angry)

Okay baby girls, if you are not invited it ́s
because you are not real killers, go home its
late for you and your parents will be worry.


We will see if we are not real killers Michael…

see you later.

(Close the door on their faces)
Slederman (Raul):

Be carefull Michael, you are making many

enemies tonight.

Uuuh look how I am shaking haha, you are not
dangerous to me, specially you haha.

Scene 5
Michael Myers appears dead with his knife stuck. Maleficent sees


Oh my God! Someone has killed Michael Myers

(addressing the audience)

Which doesn’t mean I’m too sorry… who could


In that moment appear the butler, Harley Quin,
Chuki, Tiffany, the mummy, vampire, niñas del
resplandor and Slederman. They look at each


Sofía, Sara, César y Beatriz extras.