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Across the Pond: Conversations with Devin, our teaching assistant from the USA.

Idiomas en la Onda 25 mayo, 2023


Join the students of EOI Zafra as they chat with Devin, our charismatic American teaching assistant, about her experiences living and teaching in Spain. Devin shares her unique perspective on Spanish culture, language learning, and life abroad. Along the way, the students get to know Devin on a personal level, exploring her insights into her experience in Spain. With humour, wit, and plenty of laughs, this recording will surely leave you entertained and inspired.

Coordinates: Fernando Pimienta. Teachers: Mercedes Rodríguez, Carmen Luisa Jimenez, Beatriz Delgado. Students: Manuel Fernández (B2), Danet Smith (B2), Pepe Aparicio (C1), Pedro Leco (B1) y Juan Gabriel Sánchez (B1).

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Fernando Pimienta Gómez. Coordinador RadioEdu. EOI Zafra.

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